As manufacturers are acutely aware, raw material prices have increased significantly over the last few years. None more than non-ferrous materials like brass and copper. In order to combat this, Crossfield Excalibur Ltd has developed a unique range of powders, so that you can manufacture the parts from mild steel and then powder coat them in a brass, bronze or copper effect. Thus, significantly lowering the manufacturing cost offering an alternative route to market for fabrication companies already burdened with inflating running costs.

Our Metallic Effect powders have been specially developed to offer a unique rich shimmering effect. So, you can now obtain the expensive look of exotic materials at a fraction of the price.

Why metallic powders?

As our industry of skilled fabricators diminishes, with some of the more skilled fabricators retiring and leaving the industry, less and less personnel can actually manufacture using the more exotic materials like brass and copper. This will open doors that were previously closed for companies that can easily produce parts in mild steel, using their current fabrication team. 

As fashion trends come and go, we are finding more and more that restaurants, bars, and hotels don’t want to invest the exorbitant costs of using exotic materials like brass and Copper.

Again, using  mild steel fabrications, powder coating will give you the opportunity to freshen up your restaurant to the current on-point look, without breaking the bank.

Once coated in the powder of your choice, mild steel parts are still fully recyclable and therefore, great choice for an environmentally friendly solution.

Some of our projects completed to date include the following companies: Box Restaurant and Bar, Manahatta Cocktail Bars, Hilton Hotels, CO-OP Live Arena

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