90 Litre litter bin design

Design Brief:

Create a highly competitive litter bin for a bustling marketplace, boasting a capacious 90-litre capacity.

The design features a dome-shaped top with two litter chutes for easy access. The hood is conveniently removable, offering both lock and non-lock options for added versatility. In the absence of a lock, seamless engagement between the hood and base ensures secure positioning.

The choice between a rotomolded or steel liner provides durability and customisation possibilities. The robust rotomolded base offers flexibility with options for ballast or bolt-down configurations. All components are engineered to accommodate recycled powder materials, ensuring sustainability without compromising on quality.

The design journey culminates in a comprehensive CAD presentation, showcasing both 3D and 2D renderings from initial concepts to final approval.

90 Litre Litter Bin CAD

After completing the tooling for the bin, the tool then had a mirror polish applied to elevate the overall aesthetics.

The mages show the internal surface finish of the tool and the finished component which has been expertly moulded and finished to a very high standard.

Tooling is produced in our own steel tooling division from 2mm cr4 ensuring durability and precision.

The blue shimmer on the steel is a result of the heat generated in the ovens during the moulding cycle, a process commonly referred to as annealing. Annealing not only enhances the metal’s ductility but also reduces its hardness, effectively relieving any stresses accumulated during the tooling’s manufacture and welding.

Litter Bin & Product
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