Dining Furniture Project

We were recently honoured to be approached by one of our customers with an exciting request:

to produce a series of metal furniture items to enhance the luxurious ambience of a fine dining hotel establishment.

The initial designs presented to us were exceptionally well thought out, reflecting a keen understanding of both aesthetic appeal and functional requirements.

Recognising the potential for innovation, our design team was brought on board to refine these concepts further. Their primary task was to ensure that the frames were modular, a feature that would greatly facilitate the transport and installation of the units, thereby adding an extra layer of practicality to the project.

Bench Seat
Overbar Planter

Our talented team thrives on the opportunity to engage in projects where we can leverage our many years of expertise in creating bespoke solutions.

We are passionate about creating pieces that not only possess beautiful aesthetics but also offer exceptional functional ergonomics.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our client for entrusting us with this project. It has been a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to bring visionary designs to life.

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